Challenge is excited to announce Code-Tec, a series of new fabrics specifically designed for the new generation of asymmetric and reaching sails used on modern racing and cruising designs. As off-the-wind sails designed for tighter sailing angles continue to evolve with the new structured luff and cableless Code sail designs, Challenge has developed this unique new range of fabrics to meet the performance requirements for this new generation of sails.

Code-Tec uses high tenacity fibers and proprietary immersion coating chemistry to make a high performance but durable Code sail fabric which boasts low stretch, high tear strength and the ability to withstand repeated furls on modern roller furling storage systems. Code-Tec has tear and breaking strength not seen to date in polyester spinnaker fabrics.

  • A breakthrough in asymmetric fabric technology.

    • Double-beam matrix ripstop pattern for rugged durability.

    • Leading edge kitesurf finish, with outstanding adhesion and life performance compared to spinnaker cloth or traditional dacron.

    • Code-Tec has tear and breaking strength not seen to date in polyester spinnaker fabrics.

    • New immersion-coating technology.

    • Proprietary chemistry for high performance and durability.

    • Sun-Tec UV roller furling available for UV resistance comparable to much heavier fabrics

  • Code55p - 1.2 SM oz / 52gsm

    Code95p - 1.9 SM oz / 81 gsm

    Code135p - 3.1 SM oz / 132 gsm

    Code170px - 3.9 SM oz / 170 gsm

    Code195UPE - 4.5 Sm oz / 195 gsm

    Code245UPE - 5.7 SM oz / 245 gsm

    • XRP sport enables sailmakers to build performance race sails with all polyester constructions.

    • The efficient fiber laydowns allow high performance without the use of exotic fibers such as Aramids and Carbon

A Revolutionary Code

Code Tec has super strong Ultra PE reinforced luff panels, in combination with ultralite Code55p body fabric. Sailmakers can make a cable free code zero with the most durable material on the market.