• The Challenge Sailcloth Newport brand is the most recent addition to our highest end sailcloth.

    Newport is a complete product line with three main construction types: All Purpose, Low Aspect and Pro Radial. Newport is produced using the best sailcloth fiber available; Challenge Fiber 104.

    This new product line combines all of the R&D Technology which Challenge has learned from the production of famous brands (such as Marblehead, Warp-Drive and High Mass Fiber Weaves). Challenge has designed constructions with very strong fill 1% numbers, rugged denier combinations for AP applications, and strong radial performance in Newport PR. Fiber 104 can pack more fibers in a sail than competing sailcloth. Challenge has developed a mechanical advantage.

    The results are tight weaves, excellent shape holding, rugged durability and high UV protection. Sailors who need a high quality sail can choose from one of the three Newport lines for trust, quality and fantastic satisfaction with their sail.

    • Newport AP for Performance Cruising Sails

    • Newport LA for Low Aspect Traditional Sails

    • Newport Pro Radial for performance cruising Tri Radial

    • Newport Black for technical-appearance cruising sails

    • Newport Classic for traditional tanbark and cream sails

    • Newport Tall Ships for square rig yachs

    • Newport Color for vibrant racing sailboats

    • FIber104 Constructions

    • UV Finish

    • Durable medium-firm finish

  • Newport has over 50 different fabric weights, which far exceed the space on this website block.

    Please reach out to your sailmaker for the performance graph on the individual fabric needed for your yacht!

Quality Sailing Constructions

Sails designed with Newport AP generate fast, durable and beautiful sails.

The Black Pearl

High Performance

Newport Tall Ships

Vibrant Race Colors

Newport is produced in over a dozen standard colors, and custom colors by many sailmaking groups.