Designed to withstand super tough conditions, where ultimate durability is required.

Challenge Fastnet is the most durable off shore cruising style available. Fastnet is the 2018 upgrade from Challenge’s successful High Mass Fiber Weaves product line. The result of now 15 years of development, Fastnet combines all of the technology and lessons learned from the past six Clipper Around the World Races. Unlike a professional race, Clipper Around the World is crewed by ambitious amateurs. The sails must perform and last for over 60,000 miles, without professional maintenance crews or paid sailors. Challenge Sailcloth has supplied Clipper for two decades, and is excited to launch Fastnet to allow sailors who need bulletproof durability and UV resistance!

  • Fastnet is constructed using a super tough 500 denier base warp fiber. This foundation component acts as a shield against Abrasion, UV Resistance and the Elements.

    High Tenacity Fiber104 constructions from 400 Denier up to 1300 Denier for low stretch.

    Medium Firm - Firm finish for Optimum Handling offshore.

  • 6.68 Fastnet 250 x 400

    7.38 Fastnet 300 x 500

    7.88 Fastnet 500 x 650

    8.88 Fastnet 500 x 750

    9.88 Fastnet 500 x 840

    10.88 Fastnet 500 x 1000

    11.88 Fastnet 500 x 1300

  • Fastnet achieves the high level of durability and UV resistance by using massive high tenacity warp fibers. The low aspect constructions and High Mass Fiber Technology are the most efficient and cost effective way of extending a sail life.


  • Abrasion Resistant

  • Cut & Tear Resistant

  • UV Resistant

Clipper around the world

Fastnet has been used on the past 11 rounds of the Clipper race. Clipper is widely considered to be the most extreme test of durability for sailcloth as it is sailed by amateurs across multiple oceans.

Go the Distance

Fastnet has been powering Sailors around the world for over 30 years. Follow Familia Schurmann across the ocean.