These durable and high value sailcloth polyester styles are a great choice for classes that restrict the use of exotic fibers. XRP styles were designed with high strength to weight ratios. They use efficient fiber inlays without square scrims for reduced weight and increased off angle load bearing capacity. XRP uses high tenacity black coated fibers that have good UV and tear resistance. Constructions are black high tenacity polyester warp, substantial bias X inserts, precision laminated. XRP fabrics are perfect for racing and club racing headsails and mainsails, multihull screechers, various reinforcements, and large yacht code zeros.

This year we introduce our new high modulus line of XRP for bigger boats and higher load cases requiring more sail shape holding ability for your more performance orientated sailors. This line employs 100% high performance warp fibers, both aramid and UPE, for superior stretch resistance which translates to boat speed as the wind and loads increase. The UPE component adds toughness and extra breaking strength over the long haul. All fibers are black across both the polyester and Ultra Aramid lines, hence different materials can be used on the same boat for different sails, or for stepped constructions within individual sails.

    • High Tenacity 100% Recycled Black Polyester Warp Inserts

    • High Tenacity 100% Recycled Black Polyester X Inserts

    • Challenge RUV (Recyceld UV Film)

    • Enhanced for UV and Mildew Protection

    • Used on Upwind Mainsails, Jibs, Racing Genoas - All Polyester for PHRF ratings

    • Used on larger boat code zeros

    • High Strength to weight ratios

    • XRP sport enables sailmakers to build performance race sails with all polyester constructions.

    • The efficient fiber laydowns allow high performance without the use of exotic fibers such as Aramids and Carbon