Super Series


Super Series is a Code Zero product line designed to Win Races.

The product line is complete with ultra-lite weights, combined with super strong 18,000 and 24,000 DPI panels for Cable Free Luff Structure.

Since the advent of the membrane sail era some 15 yrs ago, laminate sails became product that most sailmakers considered low-end, as it was thought that “serious” racers would spend more money on the latest and greatest membrane or string product.  Certain sailcloth suppliers even went into the string sail business. At this point development of laminate sailcloth basically stopped. If you look through sailcloth catalogs today, the materials available are the same that were available a decade ago. However, we can all see clearly now the limitations of membrane sails, so there is a clear need for improvement in laminated racing sailcloth.

We think we can do better. 

We began the design of this range with the intention to make the lightest racing fabrics available today, with the high-performance lake racing boats on Lake Geneva in mind as our starting point. These boats demand super light sails, that have a wide wind rage, and high modulus. Then we expanded the concept up the DPI range, making sure at each stop, we had the lightest material with the highest modulus (best stretch resistance).


    • 200 Denier Ultralite UP Fiber Scrim

    • 600 Denier Filament Aramid Fiber inserts

    • Ultralite Films

    • High strength to weight ratios

  • Super Series GP 04

    • 4800 DPI Aramid

    • 200D UPE X

    • 70 gsm

    Super Series GP 06

    • 7600 DPI Aramid

    • 200D UPE X

    • 78 gsm

    Super Series GP 09

    • 9600 DPI Aramid

    • 200D UPE X

    • 117 gsm

    Super Series GP 12

    • 12000 DPI Aramid

    • 200D UPE X

    • 151 gsm

    Super Super Series GP 18

    • 18000 DPI Aramid

    • 500D UPE X

    • 194 gsm

    Super Series 24 Aramid

    • 24000 DPI Aramid

    • 500d UPE X

    • 220 gsm

  • Super Series delivers the lightest, strongest and most stable racing code zero now available for racing.


The lightest components for each weight and DPI stage.  No cost cutting, or compromises made.  Just the best product possible from existing materials.


Straighter filaments are a feature of smaller denier fibers, which means more even loading and better stretch resistance.


Less film weight, because of our extensive use .25 mil films, and the changing of film gauge at each DPI step.  Mylar film while a necessary component is basically parasite weight because it doesn’t add to performance.  The less weight in film and adhesive, the better the performance to weight ratio of the material.


The better modulus/weight ratio of Super Series GP means more performance at a reduced weight compared to other available materials.


Better fiber coverage across the surface of the laminate by extensive use smaller denier fibers. The more fiber in a sail, the higher the performance of the laminate.


While at the same time adhering to the Challenge ethos of having the most competitive price points, for equal or better performance.