Modern One Design Race


Challenge is excited to announce OD-Tec, our nascent line of new One Design fabrics designed to challenge the long term status quo in dingy racing sailcloth. Specifically conceived as the next generation of OD materials with a woven structure designed with our superior coating technology in mind. Challenge has developed this unique new range of fabrics to meet not only performance requirements for high level racing, but also to vastly improve durability of the sails. OD-Tec uses high tenacity fibers and proprietary immersion coating chemistry to make a high performance but durable OD sail fabric which has low stretch, superior tear strength and the ability to withstand flogging and abuse on the start line without having the coating white out after a couple of regattas.

  • • OD-TEC fabrics are firm bias, low crimp, and low stretch.

    • Prominent Double-Beam matrix ripstop pattern for rugged durability.

    • New immersion-coating technology.

    • Proprietary chemistry for high performance and superior durability.

    • No coating white-out, excellent adhesion. Probably the best coating durability available.

    • OD-Tec has tear and breaking strength not seen to date in light weight Dacron fabrics.

    • High tenacity fibers and a woven construction developed for Kitesurf and Wing-Foiling fabric technology.

    • 2.5 Medium Firm: 3.11 oz Very light weight crosscut or radial.

    • 2.85 Firm: 3.40 oz Crosscut or Radial. A balanced fabric with a slight crosscut tilt. Very high strength to weight ratio.

    • 3.75 Firm: 4.07 oz More crosscut oriented than lighter weights.

  • OD-Tec is designed to Win Races. Nothing else.

Alejandro Pareja González wins a regatta on the first Trial with OD-TEC

Alejandro Pareja González

Wind conditions were light 5-8kt on the first and second day but medium 8-15kt on the last day of racing, perfect conditions for my all round design



  • Construction

    • Roll width: 153cm is good as i can cut the whole sail in two frames in my plotter/cutter reducing working time

    • Soft cutting: plotter/cutter works smoothly into this softer cloth

    • Easy sewing: thread is crossing easily through the fabric and the machine work it smoothly

  • Sailing

    • Increased wind range: soft cloth finish allows better sail shape control of the profile entry working with cunningham trim to balance the F/A mast bend without extra twisting sideways and then getting better pointing ability with power to perform in choppy conditions. On the last race 12-15kt i was full power flying upwind and it was key to wind gold

    • Downwind: soft cloth finish allows flexibility for continuous mainsheet trim going with twisted leech in light/medium winds

    • Fill strength: it was enough for light and medium winds but we don't know what will happen in stronger breeze...

  • Look

    • Quality: aspect is shinny white which is looking better than the other dacrons which use to look a bit yellow

  • Degradation

    • I still don't have any crack on the front of the batten pockets which use to be a critical area. More sailing hours needed to check this but it's looking good!